The floods we saw in the UK during the winter of 2015 were severe for many communities but have we learnt our lesson. Floods have been seen every winter now since 2000, and with devastating affects, what are we doing?

The National Flood Resilience Review has been set up to look at the risk and results of flooding in the UK, here we look at what is and what can be done to try to prevent such destructive results.

Lots of communities are feeling frustrated as they feel that more could have been done going into the winter to act on prevention, rather than dealing with the consequences. A lot of work has gone into flood risk management, trying to reduce the peaks of water that cause flooding, and delay and speed up the water flow accordingly.

We need to look at the risk of flooding, and whether that ‘one in 100 year’ flood is going to come more regularly now as the climate changes? If the last fews years are anything to go by then we have consistently underestimated the risk of flooding in the UK.

There are always lots of small localised flooding events as well as larger, and is there anything we can do to prevent these smaller ones? When towns and organisations look into planning and regeneration is flooding on their list of things to consider, and is it a high enough risk factor?

The UK government have launched an insurance scheme – FloodRe – to help provide more affordable insurance to houses situated in flood risk areas. But we need to look at the long term and prevent new communities from being created and expanded onto flood risk areas.

We must appreciate that some areas are going to flood whatever precautions are made, and when purchasing a property this should be one of the key things to consider if you’re buying in a flood risk or coastal area.

If you have been exposed to flood damage in your home remember to use recommended and trusted contractors to help fix the damage.

Is your house more at risk than others and is there anything you can do to help flood proof your house. Speak to a building surveyor to see if you can make any improvements. Contact us here.