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How is Residential Surveying changing?

The way in which surveyors are working is changing with the times, as with most industries they are turning more towards mobile and alternative technologies. Mobiles Most surveyors that you will see coming to your homes or projects are less likely to have a pen and paper to hand, instead swapping the traditional for tablets [...]

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What are we doing for flood risk areas?

The floods we saw in the UK during the winter of 2015 were severe for many communities but have we learnt our lesson. Floods have been seen every winter now since 2000, and with devastating affects, what are we doing? The National Flood Resilience Review has been set up to look at the risk and [...]

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Is your Home Winter-Proof?

This time of the year can bring a lot of cold weather, but is your home fully prepared to embrace the conditions. With a little bit of preparation you can lower your energy bills and avoid some maintenance bills. Your home can be at risk from the outside elements and also the moist conditions that [...]

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Why businesses need a Property Survey

Discounts When you buy a property for residential or business use a property survey may identify any issues. Including leaky roofs or windows which you may be able to use to help get a discount in the price before completion. The same goes for when you take out a lease, you don't want to have [...]

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A post-Brexit Housing Market Rebound

Since the Brexit vote at the end of June this year the UK housing market is beginning to recover. To begin with there was an immediate loss in confidence in the residential market but there has been a positive movement in the latest August figures from the UK Residential Market Survey. We can now see [...]

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